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Volvo Interactive Walk Around Testimonials:


We have completed three training sessions with Jack Lupo & Dealer Service Academy in the past year. We have been able to increase our CSI scores, labor per R.O., and our retention. He has done an outstanding job and we are completely satisfied with the results in all of our 7 franchises.”  Februaury  2014  Brian Lapan  Fixed Operations Manager at Junge Automotive Group,

 “I am a Volvo dealer and have reaped the benefits of Dealer Service Academy’s program. My store is down substantially on volume and grosses are up over last year. My customer pay gross is up over $147,873 with Ro ct down -3.1%. Fixed coverage up another 4%.I have rolled this process out in Land Rover and Jaguar as well. Doubled our Land rover business in the last year.” Volvo Client 

“The key to enhanced profitability is loyalty. The key to loyalty is customer satisfaction. The key to satisfaction is exceeding customer expectations through an efficient and effective service process.” Ron B. Canton, Michigan

On behalf of our team at Volvo Village I want to thank you for your visit last week.  We all learned some valuable skills, but more importantly, how to present the walk-around and menus in a comprehensive, natural and effective manner.  The team is hard at work this morning, and I’m confident we have embraced the concept and the process.  I look forward to our new effort and the results it will bring.”
 Glenn H ,  Boston

“We are 100% effective in handing out the blank inspection sheets at the start of the walk-around which has been a great tool for the advisors.  Customer pay is not quite where we want it yet but we’re only a few days in to the month.The drive looks GREAT in the morning with hoods popped and customers interested in the process.  Great activity and a lot of positivity on the drive!”

Brittany C,  California

“It is going outstanding, Juan & Faisal bought into it right away and we have been at it since April, I give then a bonus on everything they sell in the the drive during a walk around, Faisal just sold today on 1 car $580 in fluid fiushes ! ! that is just a tip of the iceberg, Juan is also doing very well.

Tony R, Ontario CA

Jack is the finest fixed ops trainer in the business, helping dealerships increase revenues and sales satisfaction. He’s presently working with several Mitsubishi locations in Texas and they are very pleased with the results. I encourage you to touch base with Jack.

Gene G

Retail Performance Manager Western Zone

Mitsubishi Motors North America,  July 2013


“Jack is an engaging and dynamic Fixed Operations Trainer and Coach. His empathetic, open and honest character is truly refreshing. When it comes to retention and customer satisfaction Jack has the ability to empower Managers and Advisors to strive for excellence. He is a true difference maker. ”
Larry  Z
Zone Parts & Service Manager,Toyota Canada Inc.

March 2014


” Jack, Here is just an update have 7 days to go. Express is holding at $123.00 average. All but one express advisor over $100.00.

One advisor is at $143.00 and One at $163.00. Looks like we will real in that $150.00!

Thank again for the help.

Mert, Service Director, Napa, ID

May 2014

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Dealer Service Academy’s distinct differentiators is the ability to offer leading service expertise, to deliver it via top-notch, interactive implementation and to make the connection between information and action. Interactivity is our hallmark.
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