In-Dealership Service Implementation

Automotive Service Manager Training

Automotive Service Manager Training

All retail implementations consist of having Dealer Service Academy’s highly-skilled Certified Coach work with the dealership’s managers and personnel in  4 day increments. We customizing the auto service manager training process, focusing on retailer’s unique opportunities.

While training is a key component to any successful business. Our auto service manager training can give your business the competitive edge it needs. These are some of the areas Dealer Service Academy focuses on during the service advisor workshop to achieve great success.

Areas of Focus that Lead to Success


  • Dealer completes pre-implementation questionnaire.
  • Phone conference with Retailer, ten days prior to implementation.
  • Set expectations (results, ongoing investment) prior to visit.
  • Arrive before “doors open” for morning business.
  • Observe retail opportunities alongside dealership management.
  • Opening meeting with Dealer / Decision-Maker and a client representative if applicable.
  • Determine baseline performance data.
  • Review of key benchmarks with dealer and key managers.
  • Determination of road-blocks to implementation.
  • Mini-workshops (split-staff) for all dealership employees.
  • Interactive role-playing and modeling with Service Advisors.
  • Breakout sessions and team building activities.
  • Develop telephone response skills, word-tracks and techniques.
  • Strategic appointment setting (telephone and listening skills).
  • Interaction with actual dealership customers (real-world training).
  • Demonstrate Dealer Service Academy service process, strategies, techniques and skills.
  • Positioning of Key Client Products
  • Use of proper terminology with Managers and Service Consultants.
  • Use of Client Proprietary Tools.
  • Greeting and write-up tools.
  • Proper menu presentations and tools.
  • Selling skills and Asking for the Sale
  • Understanding and overcoming objections.
  • Development of individual and department goals.
  • Interview and coach individual Service Consultants.
  • Implement and process map active delivery process.
  • Set “next appointment” skills and tools.
  • Dealer performance report is generated.
  • Individual Action Plans for next 30, 60 and 90 days.
  • Closing meeting with Dealer/GM and review of retail performance

Be Successful With Automotive Service Manager Training

Let our team of experts help your dealership improve and increase sales with automotive service writer training from Dealer Service Academy. If your service department needs a boost to get to the next level, partner with our company for automotive service training today.





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Dealer Service Academy’s distinct differentiators is the ability to offer leading service expertise, to deliver it via top-notch, interactive implementation and to make the connection between information and action. Interactivity is our hallmark.
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