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Dealer Service Academy designs and delivers powerful retail implementation products that measurably change the behaviors and performance of auto manufacturer, distributor and retail dealership personnel. From our founders, Jack and Andrea Lupo to our associates training in dealerships, everybody comes from the retail automotive world.

Benefits of Service Advisor Training Programs:

Workshops help team members see the big picture prior to launching change. This helps them understand the benefits of the change and how it improves their personal situation. Workshops, such as our service advisor training online program, provide a distinct understanding of the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved. Example: Service Managers need to know how to coach and manage the process, while Service Advisors need to know how to perform the process.

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To Be the Best you have to Train for it!

A helicopter pilot never gets behind the controls prior to practicing in an environment where crashing will not cause fatalities. We believe in the concept that one should never “practice” on a customer. Workshops provide an environment that is safe for learning the process. In our workshops we cover the following topics:

  • Auto Service Advisor-Dealer Service Academy Process
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Increasing Retail Communication Skills
  • Competitive Maintenance Survey
  • Telephone Appointment Skills
  • Effective Customer Greeting Tools
  • Utilize Dealer Service Academy developed process map
  • Pre-work order strategy and preparation
  • Selling and presentation skills
  • All participants conduct a walk-around with an actual vehicle!
  • Repair Order Write-up Techniques
  • Service Walk-Around Strategies
  • Presenting Maintenance Menus
  • Customer-Handling Skills (for CSI)
  • Proper Re-Delivery Techniques
  • Service Advisor Tips and Techniques
  • Overcoming Retail Objections
  • Creating Up-Sell Sales Opportunities—Now!

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Why Us?

Dealer Service Academy’s distinct differentiators is the ability to offer leading service expertise, to deliver it via top-notch, interactive implementation and to make the connection between information and action. Interactivity is our hallmark.
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