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Greeting Customers on the Drive

We all like to be greeted promptly when we go out to our favorite restaurant, getting a hair cut or any other service related location. So, obviously our service customers feel the same way right? They want to be greeted by an advisor at their vehicle, where they feel comfortable and if there is a […]

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Brake Safety Awareness Week

This week is officially a “Brake Safety Awareness Week” – a great opportunity to build rapport with customers and ensure that the brakes on their vehicle are working correctly. As part of your inspection process the brakes should be checked on all vehicles that enter the shop with technicians. This week is a great chance […]

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Building Value with Complimentary Mulit-Point Inspections

We at Dealer Service Academy know the benefit of providing retail customers with the results of providing the Multi-Point Inspection after the technician fills out the form. However, does your service department also provide a blank copy of the form to customers during the Walk-Around and before the vehicle goes in for service? When putting […]

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