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Dealer Service Academy uses Adobe Flash with Adobe Captivate to develop online learning content, since it allows users to quickly and easily create compelling content that is based on standards, measures learner performance, and tracks results.

Adobe Flash learning interaction can send tracking information to a server-side learning management system (LMS). Additionally, the quiz templates track cumulative results from a sequence of interactions and can pass them along to the LMS using an enhanced data tracking functionality that conforms to Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and AICC standards.

Flash and Captivate also allow us to create content that includes interactive streaming video, animation, audio, vector graphics, and bitmap graphics to create high-impact learning applications. Integration of multiple media types can provide powerful enhancements to learning applications, engaging participants and increasing learner retention. Dealer Service Academy has extensive experience with the online learning.

Development of Web Based Training

Dealer Service Academy will write, edit, produce and provide videos for retailers enrolled in the On-the-job Implementations. These videos will be filmed at a retailer, utilizing client branded materials (i.e. Pre-Work Folders, Multi-point Inspection, etc).

  • Web Based Training Overview (5 to 7 minutes duration).
  • Dealership Best Practices WBT (10 to 15 minutes duration).
  • Complete Interactive Walk-Around performed by Dealer Service Academy in high-definition video (with client as the customer).
  • Asking for the sale – for Key Products!
  • Multiple choice testing for retail participants.
  • Hosted online for a period of 12 months.
  • Examples available upon request.

Web Based Training Curriculum

  1. Meet Client Requirements. Modules developed by Dealer Service Academy would meet the requirements set forth and provide ongoing updates to content based on modifications that occur to time-sensitive materials. Using current resources available through the clients, including video and photos, we would develop modules that would support and match the training delivered.
  2. Organize Content into Small Chunks. Structure the new information in small, related chunks so that it is optimized for retail participants.
  3. Build Upon Prior Knowledge. Create processes where the learner can practice using the information in a context that integrates it with prior experience. Case studies and practices exercises are good because they can be structured to combine the new information with the learner’s current understanding.
  4. Provide Real-World Context. The goal is to get the learner to pull information out of long-term memory and transfer it to a real world context.  Create exercises and real-world scenarios that help the learner apply the new information into a workplace context. Problem-solving scenarios help develop thinking skills that can be transferred to the real world.
  5. Establish clear learning objectives. For the online courses to be successful, we will establish clear learning objectives.
  6. Build the course to provide information and create a learning experience. We want to measure the learner’s grasp of the facts and want to put the learner in a situation where they can use the facts and apply them to the nuances of real life decisions. This helps us see that not only “does she get the information” but also that they are able to use the facts in an appropriate manner to make performance-based decisions.
  7. Provide updates to modules for an 18-month period. In order to ensure that content provided to retailers is current and reflects objectives; Dealer Service Academy will update modules with the Flash courses for an 18-month period.

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