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Dealer Service Academy works with you to develop on-site sales training courses that fit your curriculum – whether that means solutions that are on-ground, online or blended delivery and content that is off the shelf, fully customized or a blend of the two. We take best-of-breed course content and pair it with strong instructional designers and subject matter experts to create instructional sound, consistent, accurate and engaging courses-regardless of the delivery method. Curriculum development is a familiar process: Dealer Service Academy automotive training company has created numerous individual courses and certificate for our clients—both online and on-ground.


Our course development process steps are:

Developing your process takes  Questions and Answers

Developing your process takes Questions and Answers

  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Evaluate
At Dealer Service Academy we are with you every step of the way to create the perfect learning solution for your course development needs.


The first step in designing/developing your course is to identify your course goals, objectives, and learning outcomes. Once these are defined, you and your automotive sales training  instructional designer will work together to create a blueprint or design framework you can use to create the course content.


Course Content
The design framework for our automotive training seminars will help ensure that the content you create for the course (including resources, media and activities) are centered on your goals, objectives, and learning outcomes. The design framework will also help you create assessments that measure student attainment of these goals, objectives, and learning outcomes. You are encouraged to provide your course content in stages so you can benefit from your design team’s feedback during the design/development process.


Completed Course
Upon completion of the development process and review of the course, the course will be ready for student enrollment. As we deliver the course, you may identify changes you would like to make in subsequent offerings of the course. Please keep track of these changes and discuss options with Dealer Service Academy as we move forward. Call us today for more information on our on-site automotive sales training programs and how we can help your dealership improve.

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