Ready for Growth in 2016?

A New Year for Automotive Service Training Techniques

2015 is almost over and you have survived another year.


We’ve come to the end of a very eventful year. The economy is improving, and we all look forward to new opportunities for growth in 2016.


Many of those opportunities will be influenced by new technology, like Tablets in the service drive and mobile apps. Consumers and businesses alike are excited about new ways to shop that are faster, more convenient, and safer.


We’re here to help you succeed in the coming year, with expert advice on choosing equipment and the best way to maximize that equipment. Many retailers train and coach how to use these programs and how to get your staff trained on the functions that are at their finger tips. How ever they don’t train and coach how your consumer arrives at the facility and the consumer needs. Dealer Service Academy trains the upfront communication skills that your advisors and quick lube personnel need to enhance the mobile devices that are so costly to you and your facility.


If your advisors know how to use the many functions that’s step one. Jack Lupo and Dealer Service Academy will coach how to engage and build value so your customer may make a logical decision on obvious repairs that are needed.

This is called giving a presentation on the drive.  With this interactivity along with or without a mobile device,  Dealer Service Academy and their team of expert coach’s will take your Automotive Fixed Operations team out of writing mode and back into Advisor mode.


Automotive Service Advisor Training is Key to your growth in 2013. Our retail partners agree that the service processes that Dealer Service Academy coaches and trains will out perform any of our compeition.

Contact us today to increase profitability, CSI and Upfront communication skills with your future customers. We all know that your service advisors have the traffic to make or break your front end sales! Success and Growth is at the top of  our Goals list for 2013  is it yours? Contact us at 855-327-9255 for our 1st quarter package pricing.

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Dealer Service Academy’s distinct differentiators is the ability to offer leading service expertise, to deliver it via top-notch, interactive implementation and to make the connection between information and action. Interactivity is our hallmark.
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