Are you the Best Service Manager?



 A poor automotive service manager sits at his desk all day and reviews reports and numbers. Is on the internet and phones and or never can be found. Complains about all the work he has and never sees the light of day unless it’s lunch time.

Plan, process and productivity

Are you walking with purpose?

A good automotive service manager will manage his advisors make calls, answer phones, run back to the shop and check on cars and talk to irate customers. Oh and feels like a babysitter.

To be the best automotive service manager you need to be trained and coached just like your team. Have you ever went for training just to be the best? Most service managers I know have never had professional training they came up through the ranks. Trained by the very people that lacked many skills and why they aren’t their anymore.

How can you get the most productivity out of your automotive service drive? You can follow a process. If you have a process in place your advisors will always review the area of concern with your customers,  Advisors will always ask for the sale and will always plant seeds for future appointments. Most importantly you will be able to look at your service advisor and  know where he or she is in the process with your customer. You will know if he or she skipped a step,  and/or what part of the process he or she  is weak at and needs coaching with.

A great service manager coaches his team and works on perfecting the process. He has time to do reports and talk with clients and hear about how great his department is run. He is respected by all departments and enjoys coming to work everyday and kicks off everyday with accolades to his team and hits the ground every morning knowing what has to be done to improve his teams productivity that day.


Do you have a process in place?

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Is it time for you to be the best Service Manager or are you happy being the worst or at best over worked?


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