4 steps that will “WOW” your customers

Wow Your customers
Wow Your customers

This question was asked Describe the best customer service you’ve ever received? Where was it? What made it so special?
These are 2 stand out answers.

#1 At an Italian food restaurant. It was great b/c the waiter was at my table within minutes, kept my drink full at all times, brought out a ball of dough for my toddler to play with, brought my food within minutes and it was hot and the correct order, and made sure I had my bill waiting….all without me really knowing he was there. I think being genuinely ‘taken care of” is something that we as consumers are receiving less and less of now a days.

#2 The best customer service I’ve ever received was from ANZ Grindlays Bank, Ahmedabad. (Now it is merged with Standard Chartered Bank). I went to open a savings bank a/c. I got thoroughly drenched in the rain upon reaching the bank. The staff at the bank first offered me a beautiful turkey towel for me to dry up. She asked me to take a few minutes rest and then helped me with the formalities of opening the account. I was given a beautiful new year diary and a shopping bag made out of recycled paper for my wife free. The personal care made it so special.

Both say the same thing, “They felt taken care of.”

When a customer comes to you for service they need service on their car. They want to be cared for. How can you wow your clients every time they come through your service drive. Its not hard if you have a process in place that takes care of your client and you! Yes Dealer Service Academy’s Processes will help you become more successful.  Being prepared, ready and working proactively through out your day. Would that make a difference?

Here are four areas that we focus on and that will bring your customers back again again.
#1 Greeting your clients at their car…. big wow
#2 Walking around the vehicle and listening to their concerns. Bigger wow!
#3 Calling clients before they call you for status. Huge WOW
#4 Sharing information at Active delivery to explain all work that was done!
Huge FAN!


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