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Express Lube, Express Lane, Quick Service, Fast Lane, Etc., Etc.

Who wants to wait?  Raise your hand. We live in a fast pace world. Most of us strap ourselves into a technical marvel very day and strap in the ones we love in the back seat, some of these seats cost in excess of $200.00.  We want to ensure the safety of our loved ones, yet we drive around on $10.00 tires that should be hanging in the yard.

Don't let your customers leave on tires that should be hanging on limbs

Don’t let your customers leave on tires that should be hanging on limbs

As I travel to Service Drives around the country the competition is fierce and everyone is trying to make a statement. Many retailers have 2 drives a main drive and the quick lane drive. What do both these drives have in common? Clients that want to get back on the road, quickly, safely and spend as little money as possible.
If you think that your clients won’t take the time to walk around there own vehicle with you, if only to look at the tires they are riding on, you are mistaken. Quick lane or Main Drive take the time.
Dollars are rolling in and out quickly because someone thinks they don’t have the time.

Dealer Service Academy is coming to a service drive near you.

Don’t let it be your competition!

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Dealer Service Academy’s distinct differentiators is the ability to offer leading service expertise, to deliver it via top-notch, interactive implementation and to make the connection between information and action. Interactivity is our hallmark.
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