Presentations by gender?

When working with the public on your service drive do you change your process, your tone, your gestures when speaking with the opposite sex? Do we change the way we deliver information to women as opposed to men?
Some say we do they even write blogs and books about this topic. Treating people equal isn’t that the American way?

When servicing clients why would we change our tone of voice shouldn’t you always be up beat, kind and respectful?

When delivering information to a client we should always be clear, caring and complete. Dealer Service Academy Coach’s a process to get acceptance and recognition from all clients.

Lets look at a Tire Rotation presentation.

Feature:  The product or service you are offering the customer.
“Your front tires are showing wear on the outer tread, I would recommend a tire rotation.” Show the tire wear to the client during the walk around. Reference their mileage as well.

Benefit:   What is in it for the customer? Why do they need this?
“Longer life for your tires, better control and smoother ride.”

Consequence: This is what may happen should the customer choose not to take advantage of your service.
“With out rotating your tires the wear you see will continue. You may have to replace your tires faster which will cost you more money sooner.”

Tie Down: This is a statement that helps the customer make the decision by using common sense.
“ And wouldn’t you agree that those are important things to consider?”

Next time you hear someone in your drive working with  a customer listen to the presentation.
Are they clear and direct, listening and suggesting service? Does your team follow a process that you coach?

Dealer Service Academy works with service mangers and service advisors. What sets us apart is we work on the drive where change happens. Our main focus is on upfront communication skills and presentation skills. Increasing C.S.I. and then maintaining your scores. Profit is increased because the DSA Walk around process is followed and coached after we leave your retail facility.

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