The 3 P’s, Plan, Process & Productivity


Everyone is looking for ways to be Productive at work. It’s time to set down that gallon size coffee or soda, toss out that long to do list…but wait you don’t have a long to do list. You have paper bits and sticky notes around your work station. You have to check on warranty claims and technicians reports. You have to stay on top of work flow which you have little control over.

Yes, you are a Service Advisor you have to rely on others to be productive.

Not!  You must control what you can and set the agenda for your day. You should think of your self as information central. This is your job. Planning and being prepared when your client rolls into your drive with vehicle history, manufactures suggested services and recall reports. Have a Process in place that allows you to share the service menu and point out the information for their vehicles needs. Gather the nuggets of need from your customer. Now turn that over to the technicians. See where this is going? The technicians follow up with you after they preform there MPI and you as information central gather that information and share it with the customer. All of the information. It is up to you as information central to share all of it! Your client may not choose to get all the work done but you are planting seeds for services needed. Most importantly by sharing all the information you will save them time and money, while keeping their vehicle within engineering specifications so they may enjoy the safety, reliability and performance that your customers have come to rely on.

Being Productive means sharing information with everyone on your team. You aren’t tightening bolts but you are the gear that turns your day. If you don’t get the information and process it to the right people then no one can get there job done.

Your benefit satisfied customers and increased productivity.

Customer satisfaction and team work in the shop all starts with you!

“How may I be of service to you today?”

Automotive Service Advisor Training and coaching is a luxury for some teams are you on an elite team? Do your managers want to see goals met and exceeded? The first step is having a process in force. One you can measure.

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