“You want me to do what now ?”

Recently I received a emailed correspondence from a service advisor that was just fed up with all the added responsibilities piled on him and him peers in the service drive . He was asking me if the status quo has changed across the country.
Here is a snippet of that email:

“Many of the writers here feel taken advantage of because they have been asked to not only perform the functions of service write up but also cashiering and telephone

answering and appointment making and customer follow up calls. They are also soon, going to be asked to perform the function of rental car check out and check in. Also because of some staffing issues at times the advisor must also go to the parking lot to retrieve the car for the customer on pickup. The reason many here feel taken advantage of is because all of this has been added to their daily duties without an increase in wages. I feel commissioned employees should be paid for duties that would be considered for an hourly wage employee.”

For the record I have not met this service advisor but hope to in the future.  I did go to the company website and read great reviews about this advisor.

My answer back was to email by saying “Yes for great customer service you must stay engaged with your customer, by phone, with presentations skills and status updates. You must be the go to guy for your client. Your building a relationship but do it smart! Be prepared when you client comes in go over key pieces like a menu and MPI. You set yourself up for better commissions. When you follow up on work completed you have another shot at declined services at active delivery. This is what Dealer Service Academy coaches and what our retailers want and need across the country. Your customer demands have changed they want information that only you can give him. Our customers today can get on the internet and find out anything they want within seconds. You must be prepared and knowledgeable when they come in and set the bar high! Don’t pass me on to someone else, tell me what I need and let me make a decision. They look to you for the answers.”

Also know that what he is experiencing is maybe just a need for a pat on the back from his boss and the new General Manager.
Don’t loose sight of the real stars in your service drive. Coaching the team you have is paramount. When new staff is hired and brought in everyone should be given a chance to shine.
Keep your team motivated.

Follow these steps with your automotive service advisors

1 Coach good phone skills

2 Being prepared for the customer, vehicle histories, service menus

3 Walking around a car with the customer every time!

4 Status calls before lunch, Time management is a must

5 Active delivery explaining all the service that your team accomplished for the customer’s convenience….take credit.

6 Show appreciation to your service advisors as they master all the tasks of the day!

We all know time fly’s but  sometimes we have to stop and smell the motor oil….

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