Who’s doing all the talking?

Dealerships are moving in the right direction and have been focusing on Customer Satisfaction for the last decade.


Retail facilities have big budgets to bring in the clients through advertising,  CRM’s and SEO’s and many other company’s with acronyms attached to them. The initial form of contact is the computer with over 60% of your clients using this as a first point of contact. However once that initial contact is made the phone is picked up and used to schedule appointments or get more information before they come in.
When clients are picking up the phone and call your company, are they your customer? No. This is the biggest misconception we have as retail employees, service advisers and sales people. These are future customers. They will hang up and call 5  of your competitors,  for pricing, appointments and service.
So what do you do to make that first contact a memorable one for your future client? Listen to the way your team members talk on the phone, Are they answering it properly? Is the call coming in direct or through a switchboard?  Are you asking for a name and phone number? Is your team member asking questions or just giving information? Are they engaging and listening?
When your team members pick up a phone the conversation should be 75% listening and 25% talking. Your team should be gathering the information and giving value to your future customer.
So how do you do that? Think about when you are talking to a favorite family member or friend that you truly care about. Who is doing the talking? This should be your approach on every call. Walk around and listen to your team. Who is the best and who needs coaching.  What a difference this makes in appointments and profits. The future clients that are calling your dealership right now are raising their hands.  They have a need and you have the product or service they need.  These are the people that see your advertising hear your radio adds get your emails. This is where your team should shine!

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