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When things aren’t working – do the opposite

There’s a famous Seinfeld episode where George is at a very low point in his life.

Nothing is working and he doesn’t know what his next step should be.

You can watch it here:

What would happen if YOU did the opposite of what your instincts (fear) tell you? If what you’ve been doing has been delivering the wrong results, what would happen if you did the exact opposite? For example:

  • If you have challenging communication skills and work re-actively, your natural instinct is to shy away. What if you increased your communication and asked more questions. This allows your customer to answer and promotes good communication.
  • If you are reticent about contacting your client for follow up, Engage your client before they leave and set clear expectations for your follow up communication. Your client is more apt to be ready for the information you are going to share.
  • Are your questioning your management skills? Maybe your managing more than your coaching.

So instead of doing what you ALWAYS do, try the exact opposite. See what happens — you might surprise yourself!

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