Lets Try Something New.

Technology is always changing and I wanted to share something I learned this week. This is a QR code and with a swipe of a scanner on your iPhone or Android phone it will direct you straight to a website, newsletter or other special offer that a company  wants to share with you.

I was wondering at breakfast last week what these codes really did. I had an idea since I have seen them before but never looked into it. As Jack and I sat eating our breakfast, on the tables are advertisements for local company’s Real Estate Agents, Auto Dealers and even feed and fertilizer ads. At The Hangar Cafe in Chandler, AZ. It is a quaint little place located at the Chandler Municipal Airport. You think we would be sick of airports but we love watching the little planes come and go and it has great food. Anyway on the tables are these ads and then I notice  about half of these had QR codes. What a great opportunity to really figure out what these did. I went to the app store on my iPhone and uploaded the free app and within minutes I was scanning and viewing information direct to these company websites, some had coupons and special offers.  I was amazed the information I was getting and I will tell you I loved it! All this time I was thinking do we really need this? My answer to this is yes!  It is about sharing information, new  technology  this helps us to stay connected and not lagging behind. Our clients and their clients are using these QR codes to send information. Special offers and Marketing Coupons. We may not use a QR code in our day to day operation but you should always learn about new technology and not be afraid to try something new.

The fun came today as I was finishing our monthly newsletter. Yep you guessed it, I received a QR code for our newsletter. Go ahead scan the QR code above and enjoy Dealer Service Academy’s October Newsletter featuring our top ten list.

If you don’t have a scanner please feel free to sign up for our newsletter here and we will promptly send you one via email the new snail mail?

October is a month for changes happening all around us and I hope we gave you a different view.

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