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Benefits of Texting with Service Customers

In this series of articles We will be sharing information about text messaging with customers – Lets talk about the benefits first.

As we all know just about every customer that enters a dealership service department has a cell phone with them in their hand and paying attention to every ding or texting notification tone they have on their phone and text message that is received.

Did you know that the average text message is read within three minutes? That means that they are quickly available! Another aspect is the fact that 94% of those messages are read by users.

Benefits of texting customers include some of these examples from a dealership perspective:

CSI – As all retail dealerships know a key to the drivers of CSI is communication with customers as they go through the service process. Sending text messages to confirm and follow up after the visit will show attention to the customer and in turn increase CSI.

Marketing – Advertising agencies recommend that businesses use Texting to build opt-in databases to send promotions and announcements to subscriber’s cell phones.

Other Customer Focused Services – Doctors, dentists, salons, and other service companies use texting to send appointment reminders and confirmations. This shows that customer have become familiar with texting and expect customer based services to update them on regular basis.

In the next article we will outline how special offers can increase business for your service department.

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