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Welcome Andrea Lupo to the DSA Team!

Andrea Lupo is no stranger to the Automotive Industry. Born and raised in the automotive capital of the United States, Detroit Michigan, Andrea has been involved in some fashion of the automotive industry for many years. Getting her start with Ford at the age of 16 you can say the car business is in her blood. Andrea started her career in the industry on the administrative side and quickly moved into sales. Demonstrating strong leadership and organizational skills as a sales representative for Pontiac, Andrea made the next advancement into the finance department with much respect from her fellow co-workers. As a result of her diligent work and can do attitude she became highly sought after for director of finance positions within the industry. Andrea took her first finance leadership role with a Pontiac dealership later to work with multi franchises in Sales, finance and after market sales. Andrea also worked as a finance director for several years where she was also selected to appear in guest spots for service writers sharing pointers on the benefits of extended warranties.

Andrea moved to Chandler Arizona in 1996 where she continued her retail automotive experience in Mesa, Arizona for a leading RV dealership. With Andrea’s extensive experience combining customer satisfaction, sales and finance, servicing clients nationwide, Dealer Service Academy has named Andrea Lupo Business Development Specialist. As a seasoned veteran with a wide variety of industry experience, Andrea is sure to be an excellent addition to the Dealer Service Academy team.

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