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Service Advisor Training: Building Relationships by Providing Fuel Savings Tips

Inflated fuel costs consume a huge part of your customers’ budgets. It would be naïve to think that gas prices will decrease any time soon, if ever. To combat this, people are keeping their cars longer, instead of buying new. They scrimp in other areas. Regularly scheduled auto maintenance visits become nonessential as money gets tighter. However, Service Advisor Training addresses the saving-cash-by-sacrificing-vehicle-maintenance fallacy. Showing clients how they can get better gas mileage by having routine visits renders it a non-issue. These actions need to be an intricate part of your Service Advisor’s daily mission.

According to the latest industry studies, eight out of ten of your customers’ personal vehicles need at least two repairs. Some of these affect operating costs; others are dangerous safety concerns. As a part of your marketing plan to boost profits and circumvent costly breakdowns and expensive repairs for your clients, make sure you’ve implemented beneficial fuel saving tips to ensure a superior, all-inclusive service for them.

If your Service Advisor Training does not include a marketing plan that communicates how to save money, chances are he is costing you unfathomable amounts of money. Do your customers understand that their vehicles will use less fuel if it is well maintained? Are they even aware of the importance of having regular service, air filter replacements, oil changes and tune ups? Can you honestly say he stresses everything on that list each time?

Does your Service Advisor ask your customers if they enjoy that romantic, glowing check engine light? They may think it makes for a beautiful, soothing ambiance, but do your customers know that many conditions that cause it to come on can drastically affect fuel economy? Does your Service Advisor tell customers to tighten gas caps in order to avoid fuel evaporation?

Older engines experience a higher degree of stress, so a more rigorous maintenance check is appropriate. Leaks from gaskets and seals dry out; they don’t hold fluids as they once did. Your customers need to know this.

With the right Service Advisor training, your customers will understand how vital it is to catch up on those repairs and services they have been putting off due to high fuel prices. They’ll appreciate it even more at the gas station. Do you know who they’ll come back to? You’ve got it.

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