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Stop Selling and Start Building Relationships

You have provided ample service advisor training, yet the team did not hit your projected sales targets. It’s easy to come up with a dozen reasons why the numbers weren’t as stellar as you’d like. The shaky economy and wretched job market are undeniably an issue for most people; however, if you look at the past year objectively and analyze it meticulously, you may find that although folks are pinched, they will still pay for necessities, such as automotive repairs. They just need a little guidance when navigating the decision process. Perhaps it’s time to readjust your service advisor’s training by forgoing his current conventional sense of selling. Instead, train them to become your customers’ councilor.

It’s hard to detach yourself from the “old-school” traditional thinking. You’ve probably still have some of these sales guru’s tapes and books. Their message is, “Always be closing,” or “If you think positive, you will conquer the cold call.” However, here’s the problem: Today’s automotive customer is infinitely more perceptive, well informed and more savvy than your granddaddy’s customer was. They know a heavy-handed sales pitch when they hear one. They are consistently bombarded with these types of fast-talking techniques; it does not inspire confidence. Stop pitching so hard and simply start a conversation. Learn the art of refraining from trying to “get the sale.” You’ll find that customers will place a higher value on his advice and typically bring your service advisor into their buying process. It’s all about trust, folks.

Conventional Mindset

Typically, when a potential customer challenges or undermines the value of your service, his service advisor training demands defending themselves, the company and the value. Never try to justify yourself or over-zealously defend value. This only creates pressure on both. Conversely, when the prospect offers what he thinks is a legitimate objection, the service advisor should try to uncover what the truth actually is, i.e. time, money, etc.

Outdated sales techniques do not address the crux of contention. Until we begin to value our customers and change how we approach selling, we’ll continue to grapple with the same counterproductive behaviors and experience frustration. Proper service advisor training is the breakthrough you may be looking for. New thinking will ensure new results. New results will bring them back for their every automotive need, catapulting your automotive business into the next level of planning.

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