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Service Status Updates – Key to Building Relationships

Even if you are a less than stellar salesperson, your service advisor may be able to sell something to a customer once, but unless you employ Service advisor training that includes how to form a bonding relationship with that customer, it’s doubtful that he’ll be able to sell him anything else. That’s the essence of great customer service: Forming a solid relationship that makes your customer want to pursue it further. However, how do you form such a bond?

Communicate, Correspond and Connect

Your service advisory team must understand how crucial it is to keep customers informed and updated regarding the status of their repair throughout every stage of the process. Keeping customers in the loop lets them know you have things under control. Reassuring them is especially important if they are a new customer. Call or email them to let them know you are still running on schedule. This inspires confidence.

The Art of an Apology

Customer service status updates prove invaluable should you run into issues. When additional issues reveal themselves after the repair is underway, or you discover your original diagnosis was incorrect, call, explain and apologize. Saying you are sorry is easy to do; your customers will appreciate an honest explanation, so own it. Your customer knows you are not a computer. Immediately addressing unforeseen concerns gives the customer a “heads up,” which allows them to plan for any potential delay or downtime while you fix these issues or wait for parts to arrive.

Exceptional Service advisor training teaches how to keep the customer abreast of what you are doing to remedy the issue. Even if it was not your fault, value their opinion and complaints. Let him vent. He may be 100 percent wrong, but he must still win. We may dislike it, but it will give your service advisor the opportunity to learn and improve. It will also teach the Service advisor how to circumvent the issue should it dare to rear its ugly head again.

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Slashed prices and promotional offers may bring them in the doors, but if their first experience was negative, your business will suffer greatly. Customers place tremendous value on consistent feedback, possibly more than they do for product or service. They expect concise communication and ethical solutions. The better Service advisor training your management receives, the better he can understand and can anticipate your client’s every automotive requirement.

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