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There is no doubt about it: the key to your success begins and ends with your service manager. His training enables him to provide invaluable service advisor training. Can you say, without a doubt, that your service manager and his team are not losing daily leads and sales? Few would bet the farm on a favorable answer. Even if you are not physically there to hear your phone ring, you can bet it’s ringing; after all, you’ve paid thousands of dollars in advertising to make sure of it. However, unless your ROI reflects the same, you’re just spinning your wheels, so to speak.

Today’s auto repair customer is a far more sophisticated animal. They are educated and take absolute advantage of the wealth of online information. They know they have countless choices when choosing their service provider. Your business’s profitability hinges on a great many variables, but none is more crucial than relying on your service advisor to turn every phone lead into a sale, generate repeat sales and sustain happy customers.

Every lost phone lead costs you far more than what you paid to make it ring. You’ve lost the time your service advisor spent talking with the caller as well as the estimated value of the repair order. That potential repair went to your competitor, possibly bringing with that customer a host of other folks he could have happily referred to you. Every wasted call and squandered sales opportunity cost you. When you think of it in terms of how much revenue you are currently losing, a course in service advisor training is virtually free.

The program was designed from the ground-up by the most innovative, brightest minds in the automotive industry. The best on-site trainers provide one-on-one instruction to your service manager on how to improve the service advisor’s performance and how to sustain these practices, as well as telephone customer cultivation, how to overcome objections and how to emphasize the importance of regular vehicle maintenance visits. Additional techniques, such as in-depth follow-up and customized post-class performance goals dramatically increase his diagnostic sales and services.

Service advisor training fosters pride and gives him self-discipline with quotas and deadlines. Ultimately, boosting and retaining his sales numbers will be the expected norm. If your customer retention is lower than it should be, invest in the one-time cost of service advisor training and schedule your performance review.

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