Service Advisor Training: Do They Have the Tools Needed to Sustain Your Organization?

Most likely, your Service Advisor is the hub of your organization. They are your rock star; yet, oftentimes, have so many balls in the air that  can’t see the wood for the trees. Everyone is competing for attention and vying for  time and direction. If armed with the training tools that allow to pull the team in the same direction, he will be able to simultaneously focus on the essentials.

Ask yourself this: Have you provided your main player with the keys to unlock the big payoffs? Do the numbers show that this Service Advisor Training has “stuck?” Do they regularly go over procedural guidelines with staff before each shift? Conversely, are they complacent with managerial duties, confident that you are satisfied with the work ethic? Common sense tells you that the training must extend far past the orientation period. Reinforced training ensures ongoing development, which guarantees multiple returns on your investment.

Your front-line Service Advisor is a powerful influence over customer retention. They have to know how to motivate the automotive service staff to stay the course. To sustain your business, especially during the lean months, the Service Advisor Training must be reestablished and ingrained on a recurring basis.

Sustainment: Your Sustenance; Your Bread and Butter

In this economy, competent customer service may leave a customer merely satisfied. This is simply not good enough anymore; everyone has had to step it up a notch or two. Surprisingly, in most cases, pricing is not even an issue for sustainment. People want to be “emotionally connected” to your place of business. According to the latest Gallop Poll, clients typically spend almost 50 percent more on service when they believe in the organization’s methodology. Superior Service Advisor Training sensationalizes your customer’s service experience; it bonds them to you for life.

Does Your Service Advisor Have the Seven Cs?

  • Commitment
  • Capability
  • Competitiveness
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Cognitive Reasoning
  • Coachable

Smart business owners understand the monetary justification for onsite training. They strongly encourage it and provide varying training opportunities to develop similar work mentalities, such as mentoring, internal education and onsite seminars geared towards their business. A successfully trained Service Advisor creates an enthusiastic learning environment for their team. They communicate expectations daily and facilitates continued training. Your business model is not only solidified, it is part of their DNA.

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