Automotive Service Advisor Training: Do You Have a Strategy in Place?

It’s not rocket science. Any successful business owner will tell you how critically important Automotive Service Advisor Training is to the ongoing success of an organization. Oftentimes, your employees are the only contact with your customers. They speak for you in your absence. Since they are your voice, it is vital that your employees have to have the necessary customer service skills that make your clients—your bread and butter—feel valued. At the end of the day, all customers really want is the same treatment you would expect for yourself.

It is believed that the costs associated with acquiring new clients is five times greater than keeping an existing one. Regular clients spend three times more than new clients, on average. Knowing how to handle any customer service-related issues beforehand inevitably builds customer retention. Even with the best employees in the automotive business, problems will crop up; there’s no getting around them. However, properly trained customer service teams have the tools to know how to handle any issue. Moreover, they will learn how to view it as an opportunity to establish an even better relationship with your client, inspire loyalty and keep them from running straight to your competition.

As important as customer retainage is, profitability is always going to be the bottom line; you still need to attract new customers in order to keep that competitive advantage. Automotive Service Advisor Training teaches your team how to

  • Set pre-sale/post sale appointments, via in person, telephone or the Internet.
  • How to up sell and promote products is an invaluable tool in their customer service arsenal.
  • Learn how to be intuitive regarding what service will best meet your client’s needs, thereby fostering your credibility and cementing the customer’s devotion to your business.

Customers believe you have only their interests at heart if your Automotive Service Advisor’s customer service skills are set on target.

Even in the best economy, you can be sure that your automotive competitor friends are doing whatever they can to gain and retain s new business. During a recession, however, it’s more crucial than ever that your automotive service team’s skills are solid, mastered and flawless.

You’ve spent money, time and effort to build your client base. You may believe you have long-lasting customer relationships, but remember: you’re only as good as the last experience your client had with your automotive customer service reps. Trust that your competitors remember.

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