Ten Reasons For Automotive Service Advisor Training

For the past 15 years, I have seen the same reasons why dealerships invest in Service Advisor Training. Having been involved with over 300 dealerships in that time, I thought I would share my insight into the top ten areas that dealerships want to see changed.

  1. The Service Manager setting sales goals, both individually and the department as a whole.
  2. Providing the Service Management with coaching techniques.
  3. Setting up proper appointments and collecting important information while on the phone.
  4. Implementing Service Advisor “walk-arounds” with the customer.
  5. Proper presentation of Menu and Inspection prior to vehicle going in to the shop.
  6. Educating the customer on the importance of the “Service Inspection”.
  7. Educate and remind customers about the importance of routine maintenance.
  8. Pointing out savings or special deals.
  9. Educating the customer of potential or important safety issues.
  10. Providing a 10-12-2 status updates of customer’s vehicle to improve customer satisfaction.

More on Automotive Service Advisor Training can be viewed at http://dealerserviceacademy.com/. If you want to see how you can increase your bottom line by implementing these policies, please try our Profit Improvement Calculator at http://dealerserviceacademy.com/about/profit-improvement-calculator/

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