Service Manager Goal Setting

One the most import elements in Service Advisor training is the Service Manager. Moreover, the most successful Service Manager is one who sets clear-cut, concise goals for his Automotive Service Advisor to achieve these objectives. If he understands why these goals are set, he can accept and fully commit to implementing them.

Once the two levels of Service Management are on the same page, the easier it will be to align forces, while simultaneously involving the lower-level employees in setting personal goals for themselves. Developing and sharing these goals with he or she will also provide you with the unique opportunity to tap into unknown talents of which you may not have previously been aware. Setting goals will ultimately reap substantial cost-saving rewards, productivity and performance.

Set Goals to Involve, Motivate, and Promote Pro-activity

Obviously, Service Managers do not have to involve employees in every aspect of the business, but when workers feel they are involved in the goal-setting process, the more likely they will be stimulated to achieve your business objectives and future financial aspirations. The satisfied Automotive Service Manager is invariably a high performer.

Consider this: If your Automotive Service Advisor does not know what the organization is seeking to accomplish he cannot possibly know what his individual role is. Pre-determined goals arm them with the ability to focus on how to react to any foreseeable potential problems that may crop up. For example, one beneficial goal you may like to work with he or she toward is setting aside one day a week for each department to participate in reactionary training, thereby circumventing such issues. Your targeted goals should meet with your business’s mission, as well as:

  • Be easy to comprehend
  • Have a precise beginning and ending
  • Have a measurable process
  • Be time-specific
  • Be recognized and accepted as important enough to implement
  • Be challenging, but feasible and attainable

Regarding the last important point, reachable goals give your Automotive Service Advisor something to strive towards; unrealistic goals are doomed from the onset. Your goals should not be dependent upon a multitude of circumstances beyond his control.

The absence of goals can literally determine whether a dealership and its staff perform brilliantly or simply stay afloat. Without them, seemingly viable, profitable automotive businesses remain in debt, or worse, go into extinction. However, if they are thoroughly researched and reasonable, solid goals are a powerful weapon.

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