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Anyone who owns a vehicle already realizes that they typically take it in for some type of service at least two or three times per year, the issue is that dealerships also seem to be leading themselves in the wrong direction because they spend far more time training their sales staff than they spend training their Service Advisors. It could be argued that the Service Advisor see sees five to ten times as many customers as sales and produces three times the profit, but Dealerships are concerned about investing the time in training because of the fear of losing profit or not seeing the over all ROI. However, it can be done efficiently through the real-time courses that are available today.

Automotive Service Advisor Training

It is pretty obvious that service advisors need to know quite a bit about how automobiles work, so they can appear to know what they are talking about when informing customers what kind of work needs to be performed. The thing is that most people who know a lot about mechanical issues are not as polished when it comes to dealing with people. This program puts a lot of focus on how to properly assist customers and make them feel comfortable with what the service advisor is telling them through an “interactive walk-around”. Many customers are weary of service department personnel because the customers believe that the employees are trying to use their expert knowledge to take advantage of the customer. This program essentially serves as an agenda of things that the service advisor needs to inform the customer about, and this will develop a solid relationship between the advisor and customer. Dealerships will definitely see an increase in profits by using this training program, so it is well worth the minimal investment. The best news is that the service advisor will never have to be away from customers, so it is essentially like paid training for the employee and the dealership.

Real-time auto service advisor training is the perfect answer for any dealership. Dealerships will find that this type of training is ideal because the advisor will never have to leave the dealership, which would cut the dealership’s profits temporarily. This program will turn average service advisors into true professionals, and the dealership will make even more money through the service department.

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