Why Automotive Service Training Is Important

In today’s economy, fewer people can afford to buy a new car. So why are dealers still spending almost their entire training budget training salesmen?

When people can’t afford to replace their car, then they need to put more effort into keeping it running. This means that they will be relying on the automotive service department. And if the service department doesn’t give them what they need, then they will go elsewhere.

In fact, even in a better economy, the automotive service department sees five to ten times as many customers as sales and produces three times the profit. Neglecting the service advisor in this area is obviously not a smart course of action, but many dealers do it. How can better training in the dealer service area improve overall profitability and customer retention?

It’s fairly obvious that by providing better customer service when people come in for maintenance or repairs, retention and satisfaction can be improved. However, service technicians are often extremely busy and as demand grows, they only become even busier. Time constraints add to the historical tendency to focus on training salesmen and getting new and used vehicles out the door and onto the road.

Is it really worth it? If you aren’t sure, go to http://dealerserviceacademy.com/about/profit-improvement-calculator and find our free profit calculator. This calculator will tell you exactly how much our training can improve the productivity and efficiently of the service advisor who deals directly with customers.

The economy is probably not going to get better any time soon. Surviving a period in which fewer people are buying cars requires a focus on helping them keep the car they have on the road rolling. That way when things do finally improve, they will be right there looking for a new car. Would you rather they came to you or the competition?

Check out our profit calculator. Then contact us to discuss training that can improve your service area profitability, Customer Service Index scores and ultimately your dealership’s overall bottom line. On top of that, they will help you keep your customers coming back to you for all of their vehicle-related needs.

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