Managing New Processes From Training Programs

Sending everyone to a dealer service training program is a good investment. Employees generally come back from the class enthusiastic and ready to implement what they have learned.

Then they go right back to doing whatever they were before. This, of course, makes the investment of time and money in training a complete waste, but almost everyone does it. Learning and retention are different things. Employees may simply forget what the trainer taught them. Or they may just drift back into the rut of ‘the way things have always been done’.

Is there an answer? First of all, many companies send their salesmen out to training, but neglect to include their sales manager or themselves. The manager or owner need to be just as familiar with the new techniques as their employees. On top of that, they need to learn the skills needed for managing new processes and techniques and encouraging their adoption. Because of this, special training for the manager needs to be included in any training package. The manager needs to be prepared to follow up and not fall into the same trap, too. Be aware that just as your employees might just fall back into old ways and habits, you face the same temptation.

The second part of the solution, thus, is to schedule follow up sessions with the trainer. The trainer can remind you of what you should be doing and assess how well you are implementing the lessons learned from the workshop. If a trainer or training company doesn’t offer follow up, then go elsewhere. There are plenty of dealer service training programs out there, so it pays to find a good one. Make sure the trainer follows up with continuing advice on managing new processes and techniques as well.

Also, a good dealer service training company will offer techniques and processes designed to actually show you your return on investment in a more concrete form. Actually seeing figures about how new techniques are improving sales will motivate anyone.

All of this is offered by Dealer Service Academy. To learn more about how we implement our training programs and provide the services you need to succeed, go to today.

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