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Little things you can do to Improve Your Service Selling Skills

It is undeniable that the job of a Service Advisor goes through the mastery of the phone. It is often said that people call dealers for the sole purpose of eliminating you, so next time you pick up the handset, make sure to have your best smile attached to your voice. In addition, you’ll never get better if the phone use is sporadic. If you do not have 5 phone calls per day, you are not doing your job perfectly. (Note, you must perform an action 15,000 times to become an expert). Before taking the phone you need to prepare, be prepared, do not improvise and write notes that you would like the person you are calling.

It is very easy to fall on “automatic” when for the 500th time you have done your presentation selling to one of your prospective clients. There are signs that your client may perceive that your presentation is automatic and not personalized. Here are some important points to consider in the non-verbal language:

The customer believes what he/she sees during a meeting between two individuals, the only way being observation. Your approach to them (approach), gestures (shy), posture (hands in pockets), your sincerity (your handshake) are signs that your prospect and client picks immediately. And from that time, he/she will be able to decide whether or not they will buy. You can bet on the importance of the look of your shirt (ironed, Smart, polished shoes, etc.).

As a good Service Advisor, always observe the reactions of your client. Is he interested in what you say? You can have an excellent point, but if it does not affect your client, you will remain without results (even if your point is good). Watch your posture: folded arms, eyes distant, no questions. Stop immediately! Try a different approach.

The eyes do not forgive; they are the direct path to the heart, look at them properly, look at them right in the eye when they speak. If you avoid the gaze of the customer, they may think you are not convinced of what you are selling or you are hiding something. Do not avoid the eyes of your customers (they say you can see the soul of the people through their eyes).

The sale will always be a show; so let your groove for Service Advisors come out at exposure of cars. You are in some way, the lead performer. Be enthusiastic, play with your tone of voice, and be persuasive and informative.

If you believe that you are receiving some messages from the customer, stop and confirm them immediately. When your client is constantly looking at his watch, ask them, if they had a little more time or ask if it would be more appropriate to take an appointment later in the day. I tell you a good Service Advisor will see the signs that will lead to closing a sale.

Good sales!

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