Education Builds Trust and Loyalty for Auto Repairs

One of the key factors in success in the automotive industry is returning customers. Every automobile dealer strives to provide the type of customer service that will not only bring the customer back to purchase additional vehicles, but also see their children and grandchildren return to the dealership to purchase cars. It has been said that a customer who has a good experience creates success in any business, and that is especially true in the automotive sales industry. This means that customer service cannot end with the sale and that good customer service must extend into the service department as well.

Today Show Segment – “Are Car Dealers Charging for Unnecessary Repairs?”

On October 18, 2011, The Today Show featured a segment with Jeff Rossen, entitled “Are Car Dealers Charging for Unnecessary Repairs?” In this segment, the show placed hidden cameras in a 2007 Jeep Cherokee. After being checked out by an independent mechanic, a faulty part was installed in the vehicle’s air conditioning system. The cost to repair the vehicle should have been around $100 according to the mechanic. At 4 out of 5 dealerships, the service department suggested unnecessary repairs and quoted prices significantly higher than $100. In one case, a service department actually claimed that the compressor had “blown up” and that the repair costs would be around $2000.

Better Training

The dealerships that suggested additional repairs or who misdiagnosed the problem with the vehicle may have benefitted from specialized customer service training offered through Dealer Service Academy. By training and coaching service department employees in proper customer service, dealerships can build trust and loyalty with customers, which will make those customers more likely to return to the dealership to purchase their future vehicles as well. Dealer Service Academy can show the service department how to provide customer education regarding safety and routine maintenance designed to reduce repairs and repair costs.

Implements New Processes

A good reservation system and an adequate follow-up procedure can also help build customer trust and loyalty. Dealer Service Academy helps the dealership institute this procedure and, through training, implements policies to be sure that the service department is adhering to a quality customer service process. This can lead to improved loyalty and trust among customers and keep them returning to the dealership.

The best way to improve customer service through the service department is by offering employees extensive customer service training and coaching. Dealer Service Academy offers dealerships training specifically designed to increase loyalty and trust among customers.

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