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How Car Dealers Can Build Trust for Auto Repairs

In today’s economy everyone is trying to get more for their money. Many car owners put off needed repairs as long as possible. When a car owner brings his or her vehicle to a dealership for one or two items that need repair, the last thing he or she wants to hear is that there are more issues with the vehicle. A recent segment on the Today Show, which asked the question “Are car dealers charging for unnecessary repairs?” showed what sometimes happens to customers who take cars to dealerships for repairs. In this feature, an individual posing as a car owner seeking vehicle repairs visited several dealerships to assess whether service advisers would recommend unnecessary repairs. In most cases the customer was quoted prices that were in excess of what was required to repair a faulty air conditioner relay switch. The repair could have been made for around $100, however in one situation a service adviser quoted a price of nearly $2000, and suggested that the compressor was the issue Are car dealers charging for unnecessary repairs? These incidents suggest that there are some situations where this may be true. This also points to the need for service manager training that can help dealerships earn and keep customers’ trust. Customers are loyal to dealerships that they trust, and most important, a satisfied customer is the best advertising resource for a dealership.


Dealer Service Academy Offers Training Solutions for Service Managers

Service managers or service advisers can benefit from on-site customer service training offered by Dealer Service Academy. Training focuses on strategies to involve customers in assessing and identifying concerns that might need repair. Typically when a customer brings a car in for repair, a service manager or adviser at a kiosk with a computer takes the customers statement about what needs repair. Once the car goes back to the garage, a mechanic checks it and reports his or her findings to the service manager. If the customer is waiting, the service manager shares the issues list, and encourages the customer to get the necessary repairs. If the customer has left the car behind for repair, this is usually accomplished by a telephone call to the customer’s home or workplace. Most customers distrust this process because they think car dealerships are trying to “upsale” repairs that are not necessary. Sometimes customers will give consent to make some or all of the recommended repairs. Others will refuse to have anything repaired except what was initially requested. There may be situations where repairs should be made immediately, especially if safety is a concern. However, due to some customers’ mistrust of dealerships, they pass on getting the repairs done.

Dealer Service Academy offers strategies that service managers can use to help build customer trust, which leads to customer loyalty. One such training program is the “Interactive Walk-Around.” Rather than standing behind a computer kiosk, the service manager greets customers, walks with them to their vehicles to ask questions, gather information and offer helpful tips for maintaining the vehicles. Dealerships that use this strategy report increased customer loyalty and trust, because of the personal attention customers receive. Your dealership will benefit from training that will keep your customers coming back for service. Contact Dealer Service Academy to set up training for your sales managers and advisers today. You will be surprised at the positive responses, and referrals your dealership will receive from your customers because of the personal attention they receive from your service staff.

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