Focus on the Positive!

Have you noticed how professional salespeople always manage to put a positive “spin” on questions or concerns? This is a great skill to have and can be learned by just about anyone in a customer service or sales situation.

Here are five common responses to customers’ questions and what can be done to change them to a positive:

“I don’t know”
You may not have the answer, but how you respond to a question determines whether or not the customer thinks you’re competent or really interested in helping them.

Positive response: “that’s a good question. Let me find out for you,” or “let me get the exact answer and get back to you.” Follow-up promptly and do what you promised.

“We can’t do that”
This is the verbal equivalent of slamming the door in the customer’s face!

Positive response: Tell them what you can do, suggest an alternative. We want to avoid the “take it or leave it” scenario. Always try to give the customer a way to be satisfied.

“You have to…”
The customer doesn’t have to do anything! They’re the boss.

Positive response: “we need to…” We can make a suggestion or offer to do something with the customer, but we should never tell a customer that they are required to take some action.

“Just a second…”
You know the task will take longer- tell the customer up front and avoid setting yourself up to anger the customer later.

Positive response: “this may take a few minutes. Do you have time to wait?” Customers will appreciate your honesty and respect for their time.

Do everything possible to take the word “no” out of your vocabulary.

Positive response: “what we can do is….”

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