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Easy “Completely Satisfied” Opportunity Wasted

Provided by a Dealer Service Academy Associate: 

A few days ago my daughter took her 2007 Saturn ION to a Chevy Dealer that had been given the privilege of becoming a Saturn Authorized Service Provider. A check engine light and rough running was the result of a cracked cylinder head. After the diagnosis, the service consultant called my daughter to explain the circumstances and provided her with the “great news” that the entire repair would be covered under her 5/60 Powertrain Warranty. To make it even better, they had the parts in stock and her car would be ready in less than two days!

When the job was completed (on time I might add), the service consultant called to let my daughter know that her car was “ready”. She asked if there were any other concerns while it was in and specifically asked if anything was noted on the 27 point inspection. He said, “The technician didn’t note anything”. She then informed the service consultant that she would be in at 7am when they opened to pick up the car on her way to work and he said that was fine.

Upon arriving the next morning, my daughter was told by the cashier that the service consultant “hadn’t completed the paper work yet” and it would be just a few minutes. Fortunately for her, I had dropped her off and advised her that she would be late for work if she waited for him to close the ticket on such a large job. She went and spoke with him and he told her he would “mail it to her”. He never took the time to go over what had been done, and he didn’t go over the 27 point inspection.

This would have been a slam dunk “Completely Satisfied” warranty job had the service consultant completed the paperwork prior to calling her and telling her it was “ready”. Ready means ready! Not only that, but we doubt very seriously that a 27 point inspection was even done, and my daughter was ready to pay for several hundred dollars in Customer Pay work had he said she needed brakes, belts, or a new cabin or engine air filter. NOTE: We live in Phoenix and have had no less than 3 severe dust storms this winter and she has not changed any air filters on the car in over a year!

So when the survey comes, you can bet this former Service Consultant, Service Manager, and Service Trainer will advise his daughter to do that guy a favor and teach him to do his job right by giving him the score he deserves.

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