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Volvo North American Parts & Service Managers Conference

Last week – April 5th through the 7th Dealer Service Academy attended the Volvo North American Parts & Service Managers Conference in Dallas, Texas!

We had a booth to answer questions and enroll retailers from Volvo dealerships – also conducted the Interactive Walk-Around+ breakout session for retailers to learn more. We hit the high note with TOP SCORE of 5.65 out of 6 lead by Mike Assainte (Volvo Customer Support Manager) and Jack Lupo (Dealer Service Academy).

We had a great time, answered questions and enrolled retailers to improve their front line communication, reservations, follow up, updating the customer, presenting menus and of course the Interactive Walk-Around!

Highlights of the Implementation include:

  • Evaluation on the Service Lane
  • Service Implementation Meeting
  • Service Consultant Implementation and Skills Development
  • Coaching and Training for the Next Business Day
  • Implementation on the Service Lane
  • Modeling of techniques through direct interaction with service advisors and customers
  • Utilization of dealership tools
  • Presentations at the vehicles
  • Service Consultant Implementation and Skills Development
  • Telephone Reservations Skills Training
  • Shop Meeting (All Technicians)
  • Next Reservations Process
  • Service Manager Coaching MeetingAccessories, Merchandising and Marketing Meeting
  • Dealer/General Manager Closing Meeting

Here is a video that was shown at the conference:

Here are some pictures from the session:

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