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TEAM PRP Announces Major Expansion With Launch of PRP Midwest

DENVER, April 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Team Premium Recycled Parts (TEAM PRP) has announced a major expansion of their membership with the creation of a new regional group, PRP Midwest. This new organization serves America’s heartland – from Minnesota to Georgia, Texas to Ohio – and was formed by combining the former QRP Midwest, PRP Absolute and PRP Heartland groups. The announcement was made at the Annual TEAM PRP Owner’s Meeting, held in conjunction with the United Recyclers Group (URG) & Pinnacle Training Conference, held April 14-17, 2011 in Denver, Colorado.

“We are extremely pleased to bring QRP Midwest into the PRP family,” says Kent Rothwell, TEAM PRP Chairman and CEO of Weaver Auto Parts (Carnesville, GA). “This greatly strengthens our membership core in the center of the country, and it makes TEAM PRP the largest progressive group of independent auto recyclers serving major markets in the nation.” He added that the move adds 31 new members to TEAM PRP, bringing the organization’s membership to a total of 107. PRP Midwest will hold their first meeting as a new group in Tulsa in July, with details to be announced.

“Everyone involved benefits from this new venture,” says Mel Hunke, former General Manager of QRP Midwest. “With the tough competition that independent recyclers face today, we’re all going to do better working together than we will separately. This new organization is made up of a great group of people, and our future success will build on the tremendous quality of the companies and organizations that now form PRP Midwest.”

Bringing QRP into TEAM PRP adds 34 warehouse locations across nine states, and adds 750,000 sq-ft of warehouse space holding some 1.3 million parts in inventory. It also will enhance parts deliveries to customers, who will benefit from an enhanced network of parts providers. Team PRP members will also benefit from a larger network and economies of scale.

“TEAM PRP members represent the best the auto recycling industry has to offer,” says Mike Kunkel, PRP Board Member and General Manager of American Auto Salvage (Ft. Worth, TX). “TEAM PRP is growing and trading parts today at record-breaking volumes. We are competing for our share of the $20 billion vehicle repair market.”

TEAM PRP is a leading supplier of recycled parts for a majority of markets across the United States, and choosing a TEAM PRP facility for parts is the smart choice of many of the best collision and repair facilities — with the full support of leading insurance companies. Hard to find parts can be located anywhere in the national network and delivered promptly. You can be sure that a TEAM PRP recycler has spent a great deal of time and money providing their customers a clean high quality part (with adherence to tough URG 8000 standards) that is accurately described and delivered promptly.  Superior warranties and a quote guarantee are important parts of the TEAM PRP way of doing business.

TEAM PRP now has four regional alliances – PRP West, PRP Midwest, PRP Northeast, and PRP Mid-Atlantic – operating in the U. S. Each alliance is independent, but has adopted the minimum standards of the URG PRP program. Alliances consist of between 20 and 54 recyclers with several hundred thousand to a million parts in inventory. Warranties, quote guarantees, delivery guarantees, and other business practices are the same within each alliance. Each recycler remains independent, however, thus guaranteeing competitive prices.

For more information on Team PRP, visit their website ( or contact TEAM PRP spokesman Mike Jones by phone at 303-905-9148 or e-mail:

Contact: Mike Jones
Phone: 303-905-9148



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