Service Departments – Texting Updates and Confirmations to your Customers

As many of us do – one of the most popular way to communicate now is through sending text messages. We do it for casual discussion with friends, family and business associates to set up meetings, schedules and diner plans.

Since this is much more prevalent in society now, we believe that asking permission to text message your customer base is now a good idea.

This means that once you set a reservation for a customer to visit your service department, confirming with a text message, sending a reminder of the scheduled visit a few days prior to the visit and even providing them an update on the stats of their vehicle at regular intervals.

Working with numerous retail dealerships we find it ironic that Service Advisors will give resistance on asking permission to text with their customers.  What happens with these same Advisors when they have a break or go to lunch? Of course they are texting with their friends to make plans for that evening!

So, we think that a good way to build rapport with your customers to ask permission to being texting with them and providing quick easy update on the status of their vehicles.

Of course we highly discourage any texting while the drive the vehicle – so please let them know that if they want to acknowledge the message to not do so while operating a vehicle.

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