Automotive Retail Service Departments- iPads are coming on strong

We at Dealer Service Academy are doing some great things on the technology front – including working with partners to install iPads on Retail Dealer Service Drives around North America and build on the customer experience. DealerLogix is going to revolutionize the service experience by allowing Advisors to greet their customers at their vehicle with an iPad in hand to conduct a menu presentation, walk around the vehicle and have them authorize the repair order all in a fluid no pressure selling situation.

Simply put, how cool is going to be for a service customer to be greeted with an iPad and going through the service process.

We will provide more information to everybody very soon – in the mean time, here are some videos featuring iPads and Automotive Manufacturers we would like to share:

Volvo S60 iPad Application:

2011 Hyundai Equus: iPad Owner’s Manual:

Toyota Hybrid Example:

Renault Example:

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