Common Brake Issues

Brake problems are among the more serious of car troubles that begin to creep up after a car has gone through significant mileage. Because a vehicle’s brake system is so crucial to its safety system, if you’re having trouble with your brakes, it’s better to be cautious and have a retail dealership take a look before getting behind the wheel again.

ABS Brake Light Flashes
When the ABS (Antilock Brake System) brake light flashes it indicates that there may be something wrong with the system. The antilock brake system is a system that keeps your wheels from locking while braking. When the light flashes, it indicates that your vehicle’s onboard computer has disabled ABS. Though your brakes will still function, your ABS system will not. You should have your car looked at immediately as this problem can be potentially hazardous.

Brake Warning Light Flashes
There are three things that could cause your brake warning light to flash. The first is that your emergency brake could be on. The second possibility is that your car may be low on brake fluid. You can fix this probably at home with some brake fluid that you can purchase at an auto shop, or you can have your vehicle brought to an auto repair shop for servicing. There’s a line that indicates how much brake fluid is necessary to maintain properly functioning brakes. Make sure that the amount of fluid reaches the line. Finally, the other possibility is that a leak has occurred in your brake system. This problem should be addressed immediately.

Locked Brakes
Locked brakes occurs when the pushing down of the brake pedal causes your car wheels to lock; this can result in your car veering to one side or skidding across the road. There are a number of problems that are associated with local brakes including: broken brake pads or wheel bearing problems. Have this checked immediately as it can easily turn into a serious problem, especially on high speed roads.

Brake Pedal Feels Weak
This is a problem where the brake pedal feels unusually weak against your foot. Its symptoms can range from air in the brake system, which is less serious or a malfunction in the brake system, which can be very serious. Check to make sure there’s enough brake fluid in your vehicle before having it checked out by a repair shop. In more serious cases, this symptom could be the indication that your master cylinder, an integral part in the brake system, needs repair or replacement. In any case, have your brakes checked by a repairman immediately.

Squealing Breaks
Although it may sound silly, this could be a potentially serious problem. Sometimes, squealing brakes, which sounds like a high pitched noise when the brakes are applied, is simply a matter of wear and tear or dust build up in the wheels. More serious problems can be attributed to the need to align your car’s brake adjusters needing. Other causes include: broken brake return, bent backing plate, warped brake shoes, or worn brake pads.

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