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Borton Volvo Once Again the Largest American Overseas Delivery Retailer

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Since the late Sixties, Borton Volvo has been the dominant Overseas Delivery retailer for Volvo. For 2010, the Minneapolis dealership once again delivered more cars to Americans traveling in Europe than any other retailer. A total of 89 proud owners and their families picked up their new Volvos in Europe. By far the largest number opted for delivery at the main Volvo factory in picturesque Gothenburg on Sweden’s West Coast, but additional delivery sites are available throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

In addition to factory-direct pricing, owners also receive the first night free at the Radisson Gothenburg, as well as free transportation from the airport and a tour of the factory, complete with complimentary lunch. Two additional free nights are offered at Borton’s rustic Trollstigen Resort on Norway’s spectacular West Coast. At the end of their stay in Europe, clients enjoy free shipment from Gothenburg to their home cities in the United States. Vehicles may also be dropped off in other countries for a modest fee.

Borton Volvo was established in 1957 by the late Oscar Borton, a first-generation American born to Norwegian parents. It is one of the oldest Volvo dealerships in the United States. For the past four decades, the company has been owned by Kjell Bergh, a Norwegian immigrant who has also owned Volvo dealerships in Rochester, MN and Delray Beach, FL. The company operates two Volvo locations in Minneapolis and Golden Valley, MN.

An international travel company, Borton Overseas, a premier Scandinavia travel specialist since it was started by two Swedish immigrants in 1894, has been a part of the Borton family since 1975.

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