AutoSoft DMS Adds New Service Quoting System

AutoSoft unveiled a major enhancement to its dealership management system with the addition of a service quoting system.

Company officials explained the service quoting system can allow all service departments to provide their customers with a quick and accurate quote of all service labor and parts needed to complete a job. AutoSoft stressed the Service Quoting System is a key component to increasing bottom-line revenue and efficiency in every service department.

The key features and benefits of this enhancement include:

  • Service departments can verify that parts are readily available on hand.
  • The quote function can price parts according to the retail matrix for any parts with current record in inventory.
  • The quote function can print a presentable document.
  • Quote can be transferred in its entirety to service application to create a new RO document.
  • The quote application can allow customization for how long quotes will be honored.
  • It offers the capability to dump the service quote from the quote application directly to a current active RO.
  • Allows for customer follow-up to generate additional income on declined quotes at a later date.
  • Tracks the adviser who made the original quote.

“Having the ability to promptly develop a service quote for customers within the AutoSoft DMS is a time saving function that will benefit and streamline any dealership’s fixed operations,” company officials declared.

They added the service quoting system is available to all AutoSoft users at no additional cost.

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