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In just it’s first few weeks the new “Car Shop Mobile” iPhone app has enjoyed some great reviews and some early success. This powerful car shopping iPhone application allows users to shop any make, any model, in any market with the touch of a button. “It’s like car shopping on steroids!” says one of its earliest reviewers in the iTunes app store.

WIthin just seconds of downloading this easy to use and very functionable app you can select the year,make, model, color, options, input your contact information and trade in info and shop every dealer in your area. This app saves consumers the normal headache of bouncing around from website to website submitting their information over and over or from submitting their personal info on other sites and not knowing where their information is going.

For new cars you can request price quotes from multiple new car dealers or send info to all new and used car dealers in your area about a used car you are searching for. This is a one of a kind app allowing the consumer to decide who they shop and what they shop. Consumers have shown a 94% satisfaction rating in early survey results for CarShopMobile and 72% say they feel it will help them save money on their next vehicle purchase.

Dealers across the country have been receiving inquiries from the early users of the iphone app and have been calling to get information about this new and exciting product. Not only do they have a great product but they are going about their business in a very smart fashion. They knew when the app went live that they had to deliver reults to consumers but could never sign up enough dealers quickly enough to have any type of good search results. Plus how do you make every dealer in the country aware of a new product without spending a fortune. So they put every dealer in the country “Live” in their system and starting sending free leads to dealers everywhere.

Now dealers are calling or emailing in every day to sign up and get more information about CarShopMobile. An Internet Manager in Southern California said “It’s such a unique and niche product, there really isn’t another product on the market that has this much flexibilty or reach. Who knows how far this idea will go. We became a CarShopMobile dealer because we want to know of any customer in the market for a car regardless of what tool they use to shop. Plus this thing is way cool!”

CarShopMobile currently has several plans for dealers to choose from:
1. Franchise Dealers – Unlimited new and used car leads- $99 per month
– Unlimted used car leads for only $ 49 per month
2. Independent Dealers – Unlimited used car leads for only $49 per month

To get more information about becoming a CarShopMobile Dealer contact Dealer Services at 1-888-211-4826 or send an email to

The Car Shop Mobile app is free for consumers and can be downloaded in the iTunes app store.

Car Shop Mobile is changing the way car buyers shop one download at a time!

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