Building Value with Complimentary Mulit-Point Inspections

We at Dealer Service Academy know the benefit of providing retail customers with the results of providing the Multi-Point Inspection after the technician fills out the form.

However, does your service department also provide a blank copy of the form to customers during the Walk-Around and before the vehicle goes in for service?

When putting a copy in the hands of the customer it does a few things – builds value through rapport with them, helps gain permission in conducting the inspection and gives them a tool to review while waiting or when you call with a status update to the customer. This way you can ask if the have the copy handy and then it review with them over the phone or while they are waiting!

Dealer Service Academy works with Manufacturers and dealers to ensure that every customer receives an inspection and that the value is built, please contact us for details.

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Why Us?

Dealer Service Academy’s distinct differentiators is the ability to offer leading service expertise, to deliver it via top-notch, interactive implementation and to make the connection between information and action. Interactivity is our hallmark.
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