Checking Every Tire, Every Time

Here at Dealer Service Academy one thing that we ensure that during the Walk-Around process the Service Advisor checks every tire…  every time WITH the customer at their side.

While the tire may be perfectly fine and using a tire tool (lanyard for example) to measure the depth of the tread – it will visually show the customer that they are paying attention to the needs of the vehicle and safety of the tires.

This is a great rapport builder with the customer and once the expect this level of service, the trust will be established when the tires are checked and indicate that new ones are required at that point.

We train your service team the proper techniques for gaining approval to check tires and other areas of the vehicle with the customer – increasing trust and building revenue generators for the dealership. Please feel free to contact us today!

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Why Us?

Dealer Service Academy’s distinct differentiators is the ability to offer leading service expertise, to deliver it via top-notch, interactive implementation and to make the connection between information and action. Interactivity is our hallmark.
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